Calibrate and activate your DNA for miracles

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Experience the Freedom of Becoming

Let go of any FREQUENCY that is not you. Embrace everything that is you.

• Recode

• Receive

• Embody

Alchemize from your head (information) into your body (activation) creating permanent shifts. Allow Magic and Miracles. You are gifted and nothing can hold you back. You are ready for your next level. The frequency I'm holding in my body feels like a volcano erupting in power. If this sacred space is calling you, go ahead and enroll or reach out so we can connect. 


  • Claim your Queenhood
  • Deepest desires of your heart
  • One with God 
  • Led by the Holy Spirit
  • Embody your worthiness
  • Your supreme authority & power
  • High standards, excellence
  • Abundance in all areas


  • Independence
  • Ultimate freedom to choose
  • Self Determination
  • Behavior aligned with internal values
  • Self government
  • Find a way
  • Release the pressure of the 3D world
  • Live life on you terms


  • You go first
  • No waiting, zero excuse
  • In the present moment
  • Dismantle the past
  • Communication
  • Knowing yourself
  • Authenticity & Gratitude
  • Actions aligned with my vision

Here's what you get...

When you enroll with the TRANSCEND 12-WEEK MASTERMIND you will get

11 Live online sessions

Join us via zoom for 10 life-changing Frequency Codes sessions where you will re-code and re-wire

LIVE Transformational Healing experience (in Nashville)

Come to Nashville TN for a day of transformational healing

12 weeks personal support via voxer

24/7 support via voxer app. Kenya will support you personally and make sure you are taken care of


Kenya Evelyn lives in Nashville, TN with her three kids and husband of seventeen years. She is passionate about God, her family and awakening the truth of our light and the power of our being. A lifelong singer and certified music therapist, energy healer, health coach and life coach, she is a powerful Intuitive Frequency Alchemist and 4x International Bestselling author. She teaches others how to harmonize their energy, vibration and frequency to achieve a life of fulfillment, celebrating and purpose−what she calls wealth− through aligned frequency.

Kenya believes in creating stronger families and supporting women who love themselves so unconditionally that everything they touch is calibrated with the frequency of abundance, sovereignty and MIRACLES . She creates with ease and flow; hosts retreats, masterminds and singing circles; provides one-on-one coaching; facilitates Night of Healing,  Frequency Codes, and Transcend Mastermind. She invites you to reclaim your voice, find your rhythm, learn your frequencies, discover your divine design and amplify your power through voice and movement. 


Limited Time

Introductory Price



  • 12-Week Mastermind
  • Live Zoom Sessions
  • Recordings
  • Workshop in Nashville
  • Voxer Support


What if I can't make the live sessions?

No problem!  Every session is recorded and the recordings will be made available to you. 

Do I have access to Recordings?

Yes!  Every session is recorded and you have unlimited access to these recordings which you can watch as many times as you need. 

Do you have a payment plan?

If this sacred space is for you we will work with you to find a financial solution so you can participate. Please reach out to to discuss. 

What if I can not make the live event in Nashville

The sacred healing event is designed to be experienced in person. It is ideal for you to make it to the live event. If the dates absolutely can not work for you, reach out and let's create an alternative solution that could work for you. 

What is the difference between group coaching and a MasterMind?

A Group coaching program gives participants the opportunity to receive knowledge, wisdom, and curated content from the lead coach. On the other hand, a mastermind program accelerates each members growth by drawing upon collective experiences, wisdom, professional networks and influence. 

What kind of direct access do I have to Kenya?

Each of the live online sessions are held via zoom. You will be able to share microphone, video etc in a "virtual" setting which allows bi-directional communication almost as if you were in person!  The live event is in person with Kenya and you will have direct access all day to Kenya. Between sessions you will have the ability to send messages via voxer app and Kenya will respond personally.